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What we do

Introducing GVS Solution

The landscape of education and its means of delivery is changing rapidly. Here at Global Vocational Skills we recognise the need to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning, and to provide a solution that will allow vocational education to be brought to the forefront of today’s modern technology-led environment. 

The traditional way of learning is becoming increasingly outdated, with the use of overloaded textbooks unable to fill the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Through the use of our unique digital tool, i-GVS, we are able to: 

  • deliver robust theoretical knowledge, all mapped to the UK National Occupational Standards
  • enable the practice of real-life, vocational job activities
  • provide comprehensive analytical data, filtered into meaningful metrics 

With the support of i-GVS, educators and learning institutions have the opportunity to deliver the knowledge and skills required by learners to succeed in their vocational studies. Our content bridges the gap between traditional textbook and workshop learning, and through a blended learning approach, coupled with the ability to specifically tailor and produce meaningful metrics, drives the learners’ outcome towards being job ready.

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Learning Analytics

At the heart of i-GVS is the provision of key analytical data, which can be filtered into meaningful metrics through the use of various report templates.  These comprehensive reports can help to improve learning effectiveness and business efficiency by: 

  • providing learners with the ability to track their individual progress and receive positive reinforcement of their learning.
  • allowing tutors to closely manage individual learners as well as groups, monitoring progress and achievements throughout the course.  
  • enabling managers to see a complete and transparent business picture, and therefore ensure continued effective delivery.

We have made the process of generating reports, and the subsequent extraction and analysis of the data, a simple one. This means that everyone can effectively utilise the reporting function in order to maximise the learning process, filling in and supporting any knowledge gaps that may be evident, and moving the teaching and learning process forward.  

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Pedagogical Methodology Development

We are constantly looking at how we can evolve the traditional teaching methods, specifically within the vocational training sector. It is widely acknowledged that vocational learners have a bias towards kinaesthetic learning styles, and so i-GVS aims to act as a supportive agent to this pathway. Through the use and adaptation of advanced blended learning models, our learning content can be adapted to best suit the TVET sector. 

To aid with this pursuit we have developed comprehensive Schemes of Work. Their design has been based on existing frameworks of blended learning, detailing a full, digitally-led curriculum, helping tutors to take the steps to successfully implementing i-GVS. Combined with the Managed Interactive Learning Content, the Schemes of Work is an essential part of the GVS solution, designed to effectively meet the demands of the TVET sector. 

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